Saw Palmetto Side Effects

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A long and healthy life has always been wanted by everyone, which has brought researchers and specialists to finding ways to give people the active lifestyle that they wanted. Saw Palmetto has been very famous as an alternative medicine to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), male or female pattern baldness (MPB) and some studies show that this herbal also prevents cancer cells from growing in the prostate area. These features that the saw palmetto possesses are very essential to every man, young or aging, making it very popular and is now produced as dietary supplements. It’s popularity and has reached many countries mostly in the United States and Europe. However like any other medicine it is not perfect, it cures a couple of complications but may develop other issues with some other parts of our body.

Saw Palmetto Side effects


The human body is created that every organ and tissue in it affects one another, so curing an ailment of one organ will definitely affect the response of other organs. Saw Palmetto is not a medicine that can avoid this natural thing. Like any other medicines, saw palmetto affects not only its target but also the ones connected to it. Also our bodies are so unique that the responses of a herb to your friend may not be the same for you. Unwanted or sometimes harmful responses that our body experience after taking some drugs or what is commonly known as side effects are also present in taking saw palmetto supplements.

Saw Palmetto is safe for most people, especially those who are not taking any other medications other than it. However not everyone’s body response to saw palmetto like most do. People consuming saw palmetto dietary supplements may experience nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, constipation, bad breath, headache, dizziness, sleeping problems, muscle pain, depression or unusual interest in sex. These side effects are common especially to those who just started taking the supplements. Your body’s adjustment to these supplements may have caused these side effects and developed some less serious side effects.

Side effects are natural to medicines especially alternatives like saw palmetto. However side effects that are serious and may cause a more dangerous disease is not natural. These kinds of side effects may occur because of a complication already present in your body or intake of more than one medication without consulting your doctor. Saw Palmetto’s rare cases of side effects has brought some people’s lives from wanting to get rid of baldness to a more serious situation than worrying they’re hairstyle everyday. Some saw palmetto users have reported serious side effects such as fainting, blood/dark/tarry stool, coughing with blood, vomiting substances that looks like coffee ground, swelling of breast or testicles, uneven heartbeat, easy bruising or bleeding, loss of appetite and yellowing of skin or eyes.

These side effects are too dangerous that saw palmetto consumers must stop taking the supplement once they experience them. Also, rare cases have shown that saw palmetto injures the liver and pancreas.

These side effects do not only occur due to bad responses of our body. Improper usage of any kind of drug will always lead to a fatal disease. We must always remember to follow the dosage of medications, and the things that must come with the intake of the medicine like food or exercise. Our bodies can only take too much for a given period of time, and taking medicines excessively does not mean faster recovery.

Side effects and danger to one’s life are not the main purpose of medicinal herbs, but we cannot deny the fact that these complications exist. Although, serious problems may be prevented by consulting a doctor before taking in any kind of medication.