Saw Palmetto Hair Regrowth

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Are you balding? Do you notice hair falling from your scalp from time to time? Is your forehead becoming wider? Don’t be afraid because you are definite not alone. As a matter of fact you are just one of the very large population of people experience hair loss. But this is not the time to wear a cap and hide your scalp because lots of treatments are now discovered and this age old problem could be dealt with so many ways.

As baldness became epidemic and cures starts to come out one after another, a cure that came from nature appeared. A herb named saw palmetto has been discovered to deal with hair loss. Serenoa Repens (saw palmetto) is native palm of Southern Parts of the United States of America along the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal plains.


Saw palmetto’s liposterolic extracts, the Premixon was studied by by Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of King Khalid University Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and had a positive result. It was proven that saw palmetto extracts acts like Propecia (finasteride in generic). Saw palmetto supports the prostate glands dealing with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate enlargement, and also helps stabilizing the urine flow of men.

Another effect that saw palmetto has same as Propecia is the ability to reduce the production of dihydrotestosterones. Saw palmetto extracts also have the ability to block 5-alpha reductase enzymes, the enzymes that converts testosterones to dihydrotestosterones (DHT). Conversion of testosterones to DHT is the natural response of the hormone, in addition to that DHT is needed for the growth and maintenance of the prostate glands. However, imbalances in the hormones could cause too much DHT, an excess amount of DHT will cause shrinking of the hair follicles. Male have more amount of testosterones than women, as they are the main hormones of the male reproductive system, which explains why hair loss is more common to men than women.

Saw palmetto extracts cannot be found in any of our food sources instead they are now manufactured as dietary supplements. These supplements have many forms, namely : soft gel capsule , hard gel capsule, tablets, liquid extracts, oil, and tea. Effectivity of each form depends on its compatibility to the user. The capsules are recorded to be the most effective and accurate and was preferred instead of tablets because tablets absorptivity is poorer. Liquid extracts have a 100% absorptivity but its bitter taste makes it hard to consume.

The tea form have the least effectivity due to the fact that the main chemicals in saw palmetto dissolves in water. The oil form of the herb will take too much time as it is needed to be rubbed to the scalp for 20 minutes and an hour of soaking it to the scalp before rinsing.

Saw palmetto may take a longer time than prescription medicines to work. Most users reported results after 6 months of use. But the hair loss treatment of saw palmetto is more affordable and is proven to be safe to most of its users. Once hair loss is cured make sure to continue treatment, if treatment is stopped baldness would come back.

Same as other medicines mild side effects might be experienced while the treatment using saw palmetto. This side effect takes place due to your body’s adjustment over the herb. However some serious side effects might occur for some cases because of a different body response to saw palmetto , our bodies don’t response the same anyway. To avoid these problems and not be frightened, consulting doctors is still the best way.