Saw Palmetto Dosage for Hair Loss

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Saw Palmetto’s miracles over hair loss have been very famous. It’s effectivity against androgenetic alopecia or more commonly known as male and female baldness has reached the doors of most of the aging men and women. Hair loss’ popularity has carried it’s cure to its fame.

Since saw palmetto is a herb, processing it before intake is the most natural way of using it. Nowadays it is famous as supplements in soft gel capsules, hard gel capsule, tablets, liquid extract and oil form which are usually taken with food. Saw Palmetto may also be processed to in the form of tea.


Even with good feedback that saw palmetto gained it is still like any other medications. Like other medications it has side effects and also like others it has a dosage to be followed by consumers to get best results and avoid complications. Dosage for saw palmetto is different for each form and also for the condition of its consumer.

The most famous among all form are the capsules, both soft gel and hard gel. Capsules are mostly preferred by consumers because its accuracy. In using capsules make sure to use only supplements that are standardized from 85% to 95% of fatty acids and sterols in it. Many brands says that their supplements are standardized but contains lesser amount of fatty acids. It is important that the amount of fatty acids and sterols is not below 85%. Capsules come in 160mg and 320mg for most of the brands. The 160 mg capsules must be taken twice a day and are recommended to people weighing 185lbs and below, while people heavier than 185 pounds are advised to take 320mg capsules once a day. Capsules must taken with food particularly foods with fat because saw palmetto is fat soluble. These dosage are the same for both soft gel and hard gel capsules, but people with difficulty in swallowing are advised to take the soft gel capsule form.

Tablets was not so popular as most people have problems consuming tablets. Aside from it’s foul taste that lasts in your tongue for a while, tablets does not breakdown properly in someone’s digestive system for some cases causing some harm to its consumers. Standardized labels are still recommended for saw palmetto tablet user. The most common saw palmetto tablets are 230mg dose twice a day and like capsules must be taken with food.

Saw Palmetto

Absorption is the best quality that saw palmetto in liquid extract form can offer. It can be taken directly as it is or mixed with other beverages. However, you cannot change the fact that saw palmetto is a herb and like any herb in liquid extract form, it has a very bitter taste that may even be worsen when mixed with other beverages. A dosage of 2mL – 4mL taken thrice a day is recommended for this form of medication. Food intake during medication is not necessary because of its liquid form that ensures absorption.

Another form of Saw Palmetto is in tea. This method has not been very effective because the active ingredient of saw palmetto dissolves in water therefore effectivity had been compromised from the process of preparation of the tea. Also 3-4 cups of this tea is needed to achieve best results, too much for people who are not fond of drinking tea.

The last one is in oil form. Rubbing at least two tablespoons of oil in your scalp for ten minutes and then rinsing it after and hour is the most common way of using this. This method may not be suited for people who do not have time to do the process.

Before taking in saw palmetto in any form it is still best to consult your doctor and check your product’s label to get the best results.