Saw Palmetto Benefits

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Every living thing on earth has it’s own purpose, every human, animal and even plants. Humans purpose is to take care of plants and animals to keep living, some animals serve as food for humans while some takes its part in maintaining the life of plants. Like humans and animals, plants also serve purpose for all types of living things. Utilizing the plants’ ability to cure different kinds of disease has been the practice of humans from our ancestors up to our modern doctors and chemist. One of the rare plants that has the ability to cure is Saw Palmetto, a palm that is native to the Southern parts of the United States.

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Saw Palmetto had been studied by many specialists and the best benefit that they could get out of the herb is it’s help for our body’s prostate. The prostate glands is one of the mose sensitive and important part of the male reproductive organ, which tells it’s purpose in the lifestyle and confidence of men. It’s help in dealing with enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) was found to be it’s major purpose. Some studies shows that this palm also helps in supporting the urine flow of it’s consumers, dealing with frequent, nighttime, urgent and pain during urination.

Urine flow problems and BPH are problems most men are encountering as they age, but another benefit that saw palmetto has is it’s ability to cure hair loss, another common problem for men. Saw Palmetto was said to help the response of the testosterone hormones and deal with hair loss in the process. Saw palmetto studies showed that it’s hair loss treatment acts like prescription medicines for hair loss. However there is one experiment that showed a positive 6 out of 10 men resulted in having their hair grow back.

Prostate Cancer the most deadly of all prostate related diseases killing 30,000 men a year worldwide was said to prevented by regular intake of Saw Palmetto. Although this has not yet been proven, links between BPH, hair loss and the deadly prostate cancer had been seen in some experiments, therefore curing one has the high possibility of dealing with the other.

Saw Palmetto consumers has reported many complications the herb could heal. Colds, coughs, asthma, chronic bronchitis, migraine, increasing breast size are some of the reported health issues the saw palmetto can heal. However the rate of effectiveness of the herb in this cases has not been determined due to lack of evidence. If you want to cure these disease it is still best to stick to your doctor’s medications or find other alternatives that was already proven to heal these cases.

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This amazing herb can be consumed in soft gel capsule, hard gel capsule, tablets, liquid extract, tea, and oil form. This variety of forms gives it’s consumers the liberty of choosing. Despite it’s many wonders this herb is available as an over the counter drug. You may not take the hassle of going to the drugstore and order it online and have it delivered to your home. Lastly this medicinal herb is very affordable and investment worthy.

Toxicities are not present in saw palmetto making it very safe to consume. However pregnant women or someone under medication must consult a doctor before taking this supplements.

Upon consuming some mild side effects may occur before it’s effectivity, but when side effects become serious and intolerable please stop consuming it and consult your doctor immediately. Like any other medicine, saw palmetto has benefits but may also harm you.

Every drug’s benefits may turn into disadvantages when not use properly and with the right dosage. It is still best to consult your doctor before consuming any form of Saw Palmetto.