Does Saw Palmetto Work For Hair Loss – Our Independent Review

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For both men and women there are many advertised treatments for hair loss, from natural supplements to surgical techniques. Saw Palmetto has long been heralded as an effective natural supplement. But does it actually do the job? Or is it just an old wives tale? We dig out the facts and bring you our findings.

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Saw Palmetto is an herb that is known to inhibit DHT, the hormone that plays a major role in promoting hair loss. It has long enjoyed a reputation among the early American Indians and Mayans as a herb for curing various ailments, from infections to digestive problems, weakness and inflammation. It is also a common herbal treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia, an enlargement of the prostate gland, which occurs in older men.

Saw palmetto has a characteristic that resembles that of a weak anti-androgen, which means that it counters the effects of androgen, the male hormone that causes hair loss. There are many studies that have proven the ability of saw palmetto to inhibit DHT production in the body, but no studies so far that have found that saw palmetto was clinically effective in reversing hair loss. There are many users who say that they have seen favorable results after a few months of using saw palmetto on themselves but there are also others who have not seen any positive results after using the herb for the same length of time.

Saw palmetto also improves the skin, one of the beneficial side effects of this herb that are not often emphasized. Some men who used the herb not only saw an improvement on their hair loss, they also experienced a gradual smoothening of the skin.


Saw palmetto is available in tablets or capsules. Depending on the dosage for each capsule, users need to take one to two capsules twice a day. Some users pair saw palmetto with other products such as capsaicin oils massaged onto the scalp to promote circulation and to help the absorption of saw palmetto by the hair follicles.


A look at most hair loss forums online will reveal a mixture of reviews. There are most definitely users of saw palmetto who rave about the product. One user says that intake of saw palmetto pills stopped his hair loss and caused the growth of fine hair on his bald spots. There are others who report that their hair grew thicker and stronger. Another user reported seeing major changes after taking saw palmetto, such as regrowth of hair in bald spots and stronger hair strands. However, some users who reported favourable results used saw palmetto as one part of a regimen that includes other ingredients such as pumpkin oil and flaxseed, so it is difficult to determine the actual contribution of saw palmetto to these positive effects.

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There are others who did not see any changes. One user reported seeing a gradual worsening of his hair loss, and the appearance of other problems such as erectile dysfunction. Another user also reported very slow, gradual growth, which led him to look for another alternative that offered better results. Many users reported feeling mild side effects, like GI problems and sleeplessness. Others even experienced worse hair loss and some had trouble performing in bed, which they attributed to their use of the herb supplement – although whether this is actually the case is impossible to determine. Saw palmetto may cause a hormonal imbalance which explains some problems experienced by male users such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

There are many conflicting opinions and reports for saw palmetto, with very little scientific data to guide consumers about the potential efficacy of this herb. If you want to use saw palmetto for hair loss, choose quality saw palmetto supplements and consult your doctor before taking any kind of supplement for your hair loss. It is also important to never take the supplement along with other kinds of medications to prevent the occurrence of potentially serious side effects.