Doctor’s Best – Best Saw Palmetto

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Saw Palmetto has been known in America and other countries for its prostate care and urinary support. Diseases related to the prostate glands and the urine flow are mostly found in males aged 30 or higher. Some studies shows that diseases are related to hair loss of males or what is known as male-pattern-baldness. According to ACS, saw palmetto berry extracts affects the testosterone level of the human body. Some of the palm’s chemicals prevents the transformation of testosterones to dihydrotestosterones which causes shrinking of hair follicles.

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Doctors Best Saw Palmetto

Doctor’s Best standardized saw palmetto berry extracts to produce an accurate 85-95% fatty acid. Aside form saw palmetto Doctor’s Best also includes beneficial plant sterols.

Some people doubted the berries capabilities against hair loss, however studies show that this herbal supplement’s effects are similar to prescription drugs for hair loss. And since saw palmetto is not found in any food source Doctor’s Best made a way to extracts this berry and share its miracle to the public.

Extraction of the herbs was done using carbon dioxide. This traditional method was done instead of more modern and faster ways to ensures that extracts are pure and potent.

Doctor’s Best dosage is a capsule a day, and it may be taken either with or without food. This makes this supplement good even for busy people who are always on the go.

Doctor’s Best – Best Saw Palmetto does not only give life to the scalp but also affects the lifestyle and self-esteem of its users. A good healthy body along side with good looks, boosted by a stunning hairstyle will always make someone feel confident. Men should never be afraid of baldness, not because its already common to males at the of 30 and above, but because Doctor’s Best found a way to prevent it together with prostate related complications linked to it.

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