Conrad Kinney Review – New Chapter Prostate 5LX

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Good day! I’m Conrad Kinney from Memphis, I’m 37 yrs old. I started noticing strands of hair in pillow every time I wake up in the morning when I was 24 and as yrs go by hairs on my pillow started to multiply. At the age of 30 I can falling hair everywhere and started to feel paranoid about this. Everytime I go out I always look at the mirror to see if my temple got hair on it. My wife starts complaining of too much hair found in bathroom after I take a bath.

I was too worried cause my looks was so important for my job, I always attend to events and talk to many people. I might lose my credibility together with my hair if I do not do something about it. I tried changing my shampoo, thinking that my previous shampoo was just not compatible to my scalp. But I think it only boosted the speed of my baldness.

My family

I met an old friend of mine 3 months ago, he was wayback from my first job who was at nearly balding the time we were still working together. I was shocked to see him with nice black hair combed one sided. I even thought that he was wearing wigs or applied permanent hair extensions, like the ones celebrities are using too. I was really shy to ask him his secret cause that also means admitting I’m afraid to be like him before. I was also afraid cause I used to mock his bald hair years ago. He was actually the one who noticed my thinning hair and send me a link through facebook. He told me to try New Chapter Prostate 5LX, I was excited to try it seeing how it worked for him. I ordered it online through amazon and have it delivered after a few days. I ordered the 60 softgel capsule pack for a start.


I started using it the next morning and for the first three days I did not noticed any changes in my scalp but I started to feel good about my body. I got busy from my job and so I did not have the time to monitor my hair fall until after a month. I woke and remembered that, that day was the last supply of my New Chapter 5LX so I remembered and looked at my pillow and saw a single strand of hair. I immediately asked my wife if she noticed the amount of hair in the bathroom when I take a bath and she said she barely see them lately. I was excited and go to the room to check my hair at the mirror. I was shock to see that there are minimal but noticeable changes. My temple was slightly covered before than it was before. So i ordered the next pack of New Chapter Prostate 5LX I ordered 180 softgel capsules pack. I’m still consuming this and very happy with the changes this supplements brought to me.

New Chapter Prostate 5LX

It is definitely not a waste of money. Aside from improvements in my hair, I noticed that before when I go home after work I usually sleep of tiredness and did not have time to mingle with my family. In the previous month I still have time to play with my kids and to spend time with my wife while still being able to have a good sleep and wake up with a good mood in the morning. I think I will not stop taking this supplement and would personally recommend this to my friends.