Choosing the Hair Loss Remedy

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Hair loss has always been a trending complain of many men and some women all around the world. Even in the ancient days hair loss or baldness or scientifically known as alopecia was already an issue. And now that everything has evolved people discovered the causes, types, and different treatments that may lead to growing back your crowning glory.

Among all the discovered treatments to deal with hair loss, maybe only one or two may work on you but there is only one that best suits you. Here are some factors to consider in choosing your treatment.

Choosing the Hair Loss Remedy

1. The Type of your Hair Loss

Hair loss may be permanent or temporary. Temporary hair loss are most of the time caused by a disease, hormonal changes, or procedures done to cure patients. A very known example of treatment is the chemoteraphy. While permanent hair loss is caused by bad habit of pulling one’s hair, an injury in the scalp area, and even genetics. The most common permanent hair loss is the pattern baldness where most men form an m-shaped scalp in their foreheads.

Temporary hair loss are dealt with by stopping the procedures or curing the disease causing the hair loss, while permanent hair loss are most the time treated with hair transplant. Pattern baldness however is a different case, it is a permanent case that can be dealt with medicines that would take effect for more or less six months.


2. The Cause of Hair Loss

If your hair loss is caused by a disease or treatments involving radiology there is no need to cure them, once the disease or procedure stopped your hair will eventually grow back to normal.

Women may also experience hair loss from menopause or childbirth this case is also not to be worried about because your hair will be back to normal after 2 to 6 months.

Medications may also cause hair loss, in this case ask your doctor if it is possible for him to prescribe a different medication if ever there are alternatives, if none exist then you just have to wait until your medication stops.

Injuries to your scalp would not grow back because the cells in your scalp are already destroyed hair transplant or stem cell procedures are advised to these patients.

A hairstyle of always pulling your hair or a bad habit oof doing so may also cause permanent hair loss, these is because of scarring in your scalp.

Pattern baldness is caused by many issues such as aging, stress, physical fatigue, hormonal responses and others. This case is treated with medications but when medications are stopped hair strands will start to fall again.


3. Your Schedule

Your time is also very essential in choosing the kind of treatment. Some treatments need time for sessions that may be done daily, while some particularly supplements are just taken in between meals and are very handy.


4. Your Budget

Of course, hair loss treatment is not free, the most expensive ways of treatment may be the most effective but wont fit your budget. In these days, a supplement Saw Palmetto has been believed to have the same effects as prescription medicines but costs a lot more cheaper.


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5. Your Doctor’s Advise

This is the most important factor, all other factors may fit you, but your doctor is the only one who truly knows whatever treatment may cause you. Our body is a very sensitive work of art that may be broken when tried to be fixed.

These are some factors that you may consider in getting that crowning glory back. Always remember that our looks together with our hair, are treasures that reflects our whole personality.