A Cure For The Age Old Problem Of Hair Loss

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Losing your hair is like a sand clock dripping slowly and saying that your days of living young are coming to an end. This issue is very common to everyone, some says that we just have to accept the fact that our scalps will be shown to the world in just a matter of time. Thinking about it and imagining your future without your crowning glory is just terrifying, that’s why the world of medicine has discovered many ways to cure this age old problem of hair loss.

Wearing wigs are one of the earliest remedies to hide the shiny temple of the elders as time goes by permanent wigs were invented. The permanent wigs are glued to your scalp and would feel and look like a real one but it does not grow. These are the remedies that you could find in the salon or in the nearest mall to your house.

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There are also a few electronic devices that helps people regrow their hair. One of them is the Theradome Laser Helmet. This helmet type appliance must be used in 20 minute sessions daily and results will start to show after six months. By the help of science and medicine, some surgical procedures are also done to those who can afford it. Both electronic devices and surgical procedures are very costly and would not be afforded by ordinary men.

A famous synthetic drug finasteride (Propecia and Proscar) also came out to cure prostate related complications including male – pattern baldness or alopecia. This drug says to block a particular enzyme and control the response of our body’s hormones.

The things stated above are artificial or man made cure to hair loss, and if there is artificial there is always the natural ways.

A simple way to treat hair loss naturally is by using onion juice. An experiment published in The Journal of Dermatology recorded 20 out 23 men applied onion juice to their twice a day and experienced hair growth.

Compounds in hot peppers that make them taste spicy was also found to be helpful for hair regrowth. Eating spicy foods is an options or drinking supplement of capsaicin (the compound found in pepper).

The combination of sage, rosemary and aloe vera is also said to be a good treatment for hair loss. Sage increases hair density, rosemary improves hair growth and aloe vera the famous herb that is also been used for hair growth. These three are commonly found in shampoos and conditioners.

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Another natural means of curing hair loss was found in the presence of palm native to South America, it is called Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens). The herb was believed to function just like the synthetic medicine Propecia and Proscar. Many studies were conducted to verify the abilities of this herb until it was proven to help as a support or the male’s prostate and urine support. After a few more studies it was also recorded that saw palmetto extracts can also block the enzymes responsible for hair loss. These medicinal herb can be consumed in capsule, tablet, liquid extract, oil or tea form and is definitely more affordable than prescription medicines.

Vanity is not a sin and so as being health conscious. A good appearance always go with an active lifestyle and high self-esteem. All of these can be preserved including all the things that comes along with it. The ways stated above were only one of the many, make sure to choose the way that would fit your schedule, body response, and most of all your budget.